<h1>Welcome to Stabyhoun kennel fan'e Sudewyn.</h1> <p>Here you'll find information on the Dutch Staby in general, and on our dogs in particular. The Stabyhoun (also known as the Frisian or Frisian pointer) is a continental pointing dog that originates from the Netherlands. It's a pleasant family companion as well as an excellent working dog. But since it's a rare breed, it's not well known for its working abilities. With our kennel, we aim to contribute to the breed itself, and with our site to its familiarity as a working dog.</p> <p>The interest from abroad for the wonderful dogbreed Stabyhoun, is increasing. Also increasing is the number of emails we get with requests for information regarding character, behaviour, qualities and of course; how to obtain a puppy. I was spending so much time answering these questions, that I decided to put the answers to more people's use by converting them into website content. I hope it will be of use to you as well. <br>Have fun browsing this site.</p> <p>If you see this text, it means your browser does not support the frames this site is using. Not to worry, you can still view all pages by using <a href="sitemap.htm" onclick="window.open('sitemap.htm', 'venster1','width=220,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,left=0,top=0');return false">this sitemap</a>.</p> <div align="center"> <!-- Start of belstat.nl Counter --> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- d=document;pag="";col="";scr=0;b=navigator.appName;scr=screen.width+"*"+screen.height; ref=escape(document.referrer);pag=escape(d.URL);if(b!="Netscape"){col=screen.colorDepth} else{col=screen.pixelDepth}if(col=="undefined"){col="";} d.write("<a href=http://www.belstat.nl/viewstat.asp?UserID=sudewyn&lang=nl target=_blank><img border=0 src=\"http://www.belstat.nl/regstat.aspx?"); d.write("UserID=sudewyn&BColor=darkgreen&refer="+ref+"&pag="+pag+"&b="+b+"&col="+col+"&scr="+scr); d.write("\"align=center width=16 height=16 alt=\"Bezoekers statistieken: BelStat\"><\/a>");// --></script> <!-- End of belstat.nl Counter --> </div> <p><small>Keywords: <i>Dutch Stabyhoun puppy Frisian pointer pup Dutch Staby puppies Friesian pointer Stabijhoun kennel Stabykennel Stabyhounkennel Stabyhound puppy's Stabbyhoun Stabbyhound Stabby Stabijhound hound litter Frisian pointing dog breed gundog dogbreed hunting sporting dogs breeder pictures Stabybreeder Stabyhoun breeder FCI breed standard breedstandard Frízský ohar Friesischer Vorstehhund Chien d'arręt frison Perro de muestra frisón Wyzel Fryzyjski perdiguero frison</i></small></p>
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