Here you can find information on the Stabyhoun in general, and on our dogs in particular. The Stabyhoun is a continental pointing dog that originates from the Netherlands. It's a pleasant family companion as well as an excellent working dog. But since it's a rare breed, it's not well known for its working abilities. With our kennel, we aim to contribute to the breed itself, and with our site to its familiarity as a working dog.

Member of the Dutch Association for Stabij- en WetterhounenHave fun browsing this site.

Best regards, Angélique Plasman

The interest from abroad for the wonderful Stabyhoun dog breed is increasing. Also increasing is the number of emails we get with requests for information regarding character, behaviour, qualities and of course: how to obtain a puppy.

I was spending so much time answering these questions, that I decided to put the answers to more people's use, by converting them into website content. I hope it will be of use to you as well.

Updates will be posted below:

Juli 18:
Last night 7 puppies were born: 5 males and 2 females. Mother and kids are doing great! You can follow at 'het Tûke nest'. There is a daily livestream of the litter from around noon till 11 o'clock in the evening.

June 16:
Pleuntsje and Figo will be having puppies in about 4 weeks time. Our wait list is full but if you want to follow the litter you can do so on the Dutch version of the website: het Tûke nest.

March 27:
Meiske *21-1-2011 - †27-3-2023. For some time now something was growing in her belly, something that shouldn't be there. But she did so well en enjoyed life. In the past weeks her health deteriorated notably and yesterday she let us know that it was time. Today, we let her go with all our love. Bye bye sweety, you will be dearly missed.

Januari 1:
We wish you a happy 2023, full of peace, health and love!

Januari 1:
Happy New Year everybody!

June 24:
With great sadness I have to let you know that Toetje passed away today. An agressive type of cancer took her from us. She turned 8 just 10 days ago. She will be missed so very much.

April 3:
New entries on the picture pages!

Januari 1:
Best wishes for 2021. May the new year be happy, healthy and awesome!

September 5:
Updated the picture pages.

Februari 8:
Added a new member to our family: Pleuntsje!

Januari 1:
A very happy 2020 to all! The Eabele litter was born on December 17th and is doing great.

November 23:
All I want for Christmas is puppies! Toetje is pregnant and the litter is due on December 21st. You can follow the pregnancy, birth (webcam) and litter (also webcam) on the Eabele litter. It's all in Dutch but pictures speak more than a thousand words. All puppies are already spoken for.

May 1:
Did some maintenance on several pages of the website and added pictures.

January 1:
Happy new year and best wishes to all our visitors for 2019.

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