Our dogs

An overview of the Stabyhoun dogs we own and have owned through the years.

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Pleuntsje, 1,5 years old

Eabele Pleuntsje fan'e Sudewyn

Calling name: Pleuntsje

NHSB 3180755
Born: 17-12-2019

Pleuntsje has had 1 litter:
- The Tûke litter in 2023

In loving memory

Stabyhoun Toet, 2 years old

Winske Baike fan'e Sudewyn

Calling name: Toet

NHSB 2928043
Born: 15-06-2013
Died: 24-06-2021

Toet has had 2 litters:
 - The Skarlún litter in 2017
- The Eabele litter in 2019

Stabyhoun Meiske, 10 months old

Warbere Meiske fan'e Sudewyn

Calling name: Meiske

NHSB 2824952
Born: 21-01-2011
Died: 27-03-2023

Meiske has had 1 litter:
- The Winske litter in 2013

Stabyhoun Marre, 4 years old

Lytse Marre v.d. Eenhoornleijn

Calling name: Marre

NHSB 2541585
Born: 12-01-2005
Died: 01-05-2014

Marre has had 2 litters:
- The Sinnige litter in 2007
 - The Warbere litter in 2011

Stabyhoun Mickie, 7 years old


No pedigree
Born: 10-07-2001
Died: 27-01-2015

Mickie was not bred from.