Stabyhoun Meiske1 day old Stabyhoun Meiske3 months old Stabyhoun meiske10 months old

Our third Stabyhoun is Warbere Meiske fan'e Sudewyn (first name Meiske). To keep a puppy you bred yourself, gives a very special feeling, something extra. From the moment she opened her eyes, Meiske tried to make eye-contact with me, over and over again. She was always first to respond when I called the puppies and when I put my head into the whelping box to cuddle the youngsters, she was the one to lick my face and nibble my nose, every time. Meiske distinctly sought my company and really looked me in the eyes. We have an unmistakable connection.

Meiske has grown into a beautiful and wonderful lady. We've started retrieving and obedience classes. She has already continued the Sudewyn-line with a bunch of beautiful and healthy puppies.

Stabyhoun Meiske seconds old

Stabyhoun Meiske working is in her genes

Stabyhoun Meiske she likes it very much

Stabyhoun Meiske 10 months old

Stabyhoun Meiske 3 in a row

Stabyhoun Meiske3 years, with daughter Lieke

Stabyhoun Meiske 3,5 years old

Stabyhoun Meiske 4,5 years old, with daughter Toet (on the left)

Stabyhoun Meiske 5,5 years old

Stabyhoun Meiske 6,5 years old

Stabyhoun Meiske 7,5 years old