Winske Baike fan'e Sudewyn (Toet)


Stabyhoun Toet1 day old Stabyhoun Toet2 years old Stabyhoun Toet2 years old

Just before her second birthday, Toet came back to us. She was called Baike, but that sounded too much like Meiske, so her nickname became her call name. In Dutch Toet is another word for face, and hers is a lovely one. In English it's pronounced as Toot, which she also loudly does when she's excited. Toet has a happy and open nature when she's outdoors, she likes everything and everyone, loves to play with other dogs and prefers to swim whenever she can. At her former owner, she developed a problem with strangers entering the house, we're working hard on that and are pleased that she's improving every day. She has a stable character so it's most certainly going to be allright. Toet loves to cuddle and will climb on my lap as soon as I sit down.

She's very attentive and has a good nose that she likes to use. We will see which type of dog sport fits her best.