So you want a puppy...

Stabyhoun puppies, 1 day old

... and you are sure a Stabyhoun is the breed for you ... then you'll probably get to this page straight away. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not thrilled about the idea of sending one or more puppies abroad. In fact, I decided not to sell any puppies overseas at all (read why). But as questions keep coming, I'll try to help you along.

On the links page, Staby breeders are sorted by country. There are bound to be more breeders, but they just don't have websites. Chances are, they are known to the Stabyhoun breed association in your country, so contact that association (if there is one) and get information on how to obtain a puppy in your own country; it is far less hassle than getting one from abroad. If that isn't possible, and you still want a real Stabyhoun ... read on.

Importing from the Netherlands

Most Dutch Staby breeders are members of the NVSW; the Dutch association of Staby- and Wetterhoun. They follow strict guidelines on breeding, as dictated by the NVSW. For instance: HD-tests are mandatory for both parents, and a request for an intended combination will be reviewed for possible health and hereditary problems by a special committee (read the kennel page for more guidelines). In general, the Stabyhoun is a healthy breed. In the past, HD and epilepsy were a rising problem, but thanks to careful breeding the number of cases for both problems has decreased substantially. No one can ever give you any guarantees a puppy will be healthy since it is live material, but on average you're safe with a puppy acquired through the NVSW.

The Dutch Staby association works with a puppy waitlist, no addresses of breeders will be given. Just put yourself on that list and await your turn. Average waiting time: 6 to 9 months. You can list your preferences; would you like a male or a female? Females are more wanted, so the waitlist tends to be longer. Do you want a black and white dog, or rather a brown and white? As brown-white Staby's are rarer, be prepared to wait even longer.

And then you finally get to the top of the waiting list, to find you get turned down by one breeder after another. You should be aware that not many breeders are willing to export a puppy in the first place, let alone ship it as cargo. I think your chances will grow considerably if you're willing to come and get the puppy yourself, but it's still no guarantee.

Stabyhoun puppy

Costs: money, time and effort

A Stabyhoun puppy bred according to NVSW rules costs 1200 Euro's at the most, check a converter to see how much that is in your own currency. In addition, be prepared for extra costs like mandatory additional vaccinations, examinations, transportation, etcetera, all depending on regulations set by your country and the countries you travel through. In some countries or circumstances, you may even be confronted with a period of quarantine. What are the rules on health and vaccinations? Regulations tend to change frequently, your consulate knows about the current regulations, so contact them. Check!

Some airlines (but not all of them) consider a puppy up to 8 kg as hand baggage; it can travel in the passenger cabin with you. A puppy traveling all alone for hours on end in the cargo hold is not a good idea! Regulations and costs differ per airline, so check various airlines for the best conditions. Some require that you put him on your lap, some that he travels in a transport kennel of specific sizes ... Check!

Do you need special permits or fill out extra paperwork if you want to import a dog? This also varies per country. Is the pedigree certificate valid in your country? The Stabyhoun is an FCI-recognised breed (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). Countries not being a member of the FCI don't recognise the Staby as a purebred. If your country is a member of the FCI you'll get an export pedigree with which you can register your puppy at the official Kennel Club in your own country. What do you need to do to validate it? Check!

Rabies vaccination

More and more countries demand that dogs have a valid rabies vaccination before they can enter the country, puppies included. This vaccination cannot be given before the age of 12 weeks and there is a 3 week waiting period for the vaccination to work. This means that in those countries puppies cannot be imported before the age of 15 weeks. Check if this rule affects you, and be aware that if it does, extra costs are involved for the longer stay at the breeder. 


Check! Check! Check! Firstly because you don't want to be surprised, secondly because you now know that most breeders don't really want to see their puppies leave the country, they sure don't want the extra hassle. You want that puppy, so you must do the extra work. It doesn't make a good impression if you have to ask the breeder how things work, it may very well result in a rejection. Do your homework! Be sure to know all of these things before you even contact the breeder. Be able to tell him in clear words what is going to happen to his puppy if you are to become its owner. Make him feel that his carefully bred Staby will be treated at least as carefully by you and assure him that you will come and get the puppy in person. It just might make the door swing your way.

Get help

Is there a Stabyhoun association in your country? Contact them! They work closely together with the Dutch association and there is a lot of expertise with importing puppies. Make use of their experience. They will also want to know when new blood enters the country. Remember we only have a small population, we need to be aware of every Staby that is out there.  

Still want a Stabyhoun?

So now you have an idea what it takes to import a puppy. If you have thought it through thoroughly, if you did all of your homework and you still desperately want a Stabyhoun puppy because you think it's the perfect match for you, and you can't get one from your own country (or one nearby), and you are prepared to put in all the extra effort, time and money it takes; contact the NVSW and get yourself on the Dutch waitlist.

Stabyhoun puppies